Update #2 (of 6): My 30 Minute Marketing Challenge

Hello and welcome to my second update of the 30 Minute Marketing Challenge. If you're a little lost already, make sure to check out update #1 as well as this explanatory post.

The basic question is as follows: How much growth can you achieve working no more than 30 minutes per day? To answer this rather intriguing question I decided to challenge myself: the 30 Minute Marketing Challenge was born.

Progress Report

I started the 30 Minute Marketing Challenge on the 10th of May. At that point, I was receiving about 40 users per week - an embarrassing amount.

How am I fairing now?

Of course, this number is still much too small but it is a clear improvement and I'm delighted to see the work starting to pay off already, however little.

Here is a comparison of the top landing pages, comparing the last 7 days to those preceding May 10th.

What have I been doing?

30 minutes a day is a tiny amount of time, so how have I achieved this relatively modest growth?

  1. Producing content - This is an obvious one but still worth pointing out. Since May 10th I've published 5 pieces of content, some of which have already generated traffic. The strategy behind it is pretty simple; I'm focusing primarily on tools commonly used by my target audience and writing articles providing alternatives: See Google Analytics Alternatives and Mailchimp Alternatives. This approach has the benefit of addressing a highly relevant audience while being relatively easy to rank for (we'll see).
  2. The Telegram group - The Telegram Group is designed to provide a place for CEOs and marketing professionals to exchange ideas and business opportunities. Every day I share a marketing tip in the Growth Marketing Telegram Group. Despite its relatively small size, it is the source of quite a bit of discussion and traffic on an almost daily basis.
  3. Reddit and Quora - Both Reddit and Quora have huge audiences that can be tapped quite easily. I look for questions that I've answered with blog posts, and then answer them with short summaries - linking to my post at the end. The Marketing, Crypto and Entrepreneur subreddits are a tough crowd but they help to generate traffic and awareness. The questions are typically easy to answer, so I share my thoughts and link to a relevant blog post if possible.

What's to come?

I will continue creating content, engaging on Telegram and answering questions on popular forums. These three things are not enough to achieve the strong growth I am looking for however and I need to come up with something new.

One idea is to turn my daily marketing tips into bite-sized podcast episodes. Neil Patel's Marketing School does something similar, providing a lot of value in the process. With such a limited amount of time, this would be a great way of getting additional value out of previously created content. Adapting created content to new mediums will play a big bigger role in my strategy going forward.

Another idea is to create "How To" Youtube videos. These would be un-edited tutorials of simple Marketing activities, like installing Google Tag Manager or setting up a Facebook pixel. Although this kind of content would be easy to create and spread awareness on a new medium, it wouldn't be as targeted as I would like. I still need to think this one through.

Something I'm excited about is the creation of free tools. I created an ICO Marketing checklist, a Marketing Budget template and a UTM builder. The plan is to spruce these up a little and then use them to collect email addresses through dedicated Instagram campaigns.

For the Instagram Ad campaign, I'm trying out short videos I created on Promo. I'll provide a detailed breakdown of the campaign performance in my next update.

What about accountability?

Staying accountable has been by FAR the toughest thing about this challenge.

It's super important to me that you can track my activity and verify that I'm staying within the 30 minutes. Otherwise the challenge loses a bit of its magic.

Unfortunately however, I've not found a good solution to this problem.

For the first 2 weeks I recorded all sessions using Loom and uploaded them to a private playlist on Youtube.

The idea was that any interested party could literally watch me work and then cross-check my website to see if anything had been changed "off-camera". This approach sucks but I can't think of anything better.

Unfortunately, recording my screen using Loom REALLY slowed down my laptop. My poor Dell XPS 13 started crawling on all fours. I don't know if you've ever had to use a slow piece of tech under time pressure but it's an infuriating experience. Not fun.

On top of that, Loom regularly broke off the recording without me realising. I have roughly 5 prematurely stopped recordings on my laptop because Loom decided to quit half way.

So recording my screen is not really an option...but I can't think of anything better.

A part of me thinks that no one will care anyway and I'm taking this whole thing too seriously. Another part of me wants to be completely transparent however, even if no one is there to see. Let me know if you can think of a good way to prove that I'm sticking to the challenge and only working 30 minutes per day.

What tools have I been using?

What are my takeaways so far?

Limiting myself to 30 minutes per day is both exhilarating and challenging.

I can safely say that I would not have worked on my site anywhere near as much if it wasn't for this challenge. The 5 pieces of content I've published since then might not be impressive, but it's a whole lot more than the 1 I averaged before.

I also think that working in short bursts prevents burn-out, meaning I still thoroughly enjoy working on cgrundy.com every day.

On top of that I am excited for the upcoming podcast and the opportunities for creative growth hacking going forward.

Thanks for reading and chat to you on Telegram.