Top Marketing Influencers

Websites - Online Marketing Influencers

  1. Ahrefs - Phenomenal SEO advice with special focus on link building
  2. Neil Patel - Fantastic for content creation
  3. MOZ - An authoritative source for On-and Off-Page SEO
  4. Optimize Smart - The best for Google Analytics tips and tricks
  5. Hubspot - Excellent guides and comprehensive posts on any Marketing topic
  6. Growthhackers - Finding new growth opportunities
  7. Yoast - The place for Wordpress SEO
  8. Matthew Barby - Great content strategies and case studies. Strong on Social Media too.
  9. Matthew Woodward - The best "alternative" Marketing content
  10. Online Marketing Rockstars (German) - Impressive analyses and Market insights
  11. Stonetemple - Comprehensive case studies
  12. Digital Marketer - Community of Marketers offering certification courses
  13. Jon Loomer - My first port of call for all things Facebook
  14. Backlinko - His ranking factors post is the best in the business
  15. Kissmetrics - Excellent blog and webinar
  16. Wordstream - Excellent for SEM and Social Media
  17. Search Engine Journal - News around SEO and SEM
  18. Internet Marketing Ninjas - Good roundups & quick win tips
  19. Searchmetrics - My favourite whitepapers and ranking analyses
  20. Buzzsumo - Entertaining marketing tips and tricks
  21. Social Media Explorer - Excellent for Social Media
  22. Conversion XL - Good tips on optimizing conversion rates
  23. Viper Chill - Excellent case studies and alternative look at SEO and Marketing
  24. Smart Insights - Questions about Google Analytics? Check them out!
  25. Quick Sprout - Good non-specific Marketing tips
  26. Mckinsey - Insightful articles on th theory behind Marketing & Sales
  27. Search Engine Watch - Industry updates for search
  28. PPC Hero - Industry updates around SEM
  29. Point Blank SEO - Link building for eCommerce
  30. Single Grain - Good for conversion rate optimization
  31. GSQI - Marketing Agency with excellent analyses of current events
  32. Siege Media - Online Marketing Agency with great podcast, blog and youtube content
  33. Klientboost - Excellent content on advanced paid marketing techniques

Forums and Communities

  1. Big SEO - Great Reddit community filled with knowledgable SEOs and Marketers
  2. Growthhackers - This is where my favourite Marketing AMA happen
  3. Inbound - Excellent community of Marketers
  4. Quora Marketing - Experienced community of Marketers has answered over 56,000 Marketing questions.
  5. Ask Marketing - Another excellent Subreddit, where Marketing questions get answered.
  6. Warrior Forum - The place to go for Online and Affiliate Marketing tips and tricks.
  7. Traffic Think Tank - Paid Slack community run by Matthew Barby, Nick Eubanks and Ian Howells

Youtube Channels

  1. MOZ - Check out Rand Fishkin's excellent White Board Fridays
  2. Mind Valley Insights (Discontinued) - Some great tips and tricks on how to optimise your marketing efforts
  3. Josh Bachynski - Great for an alternative, anti-establishment approach to SEO
  4. Ahrefs - If you are using Ahrefs, then check this channel out. Some good tips for non-Ahrefs users too
  5. Google Webmasters - Keep up to date with Google's policies, take part in their Hangouts, and tell John Muller what's on your mind
  6. Gary Veynerchuk - Light-hearted approach to Marketing
  7. Neil Patel - Quick content by one of the world's most famous marketers
  8. Siege Media - Excellent interviews with industry experts


  1. Mozpod by MOZ
  2. Content Pros
  3. Online Marketing Rockstars (German)
  4. Site Visibility
  5. Marketing School by Neil Patel and Eric Siu
  6. Perpetual Traffic
  7. Siege Media
  8. The Paid Search Popdcast


  1. Google Partners
  2. HubSpot
  3. Bing Ads Program

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