Reddit Conversations: Facebook Advertising Tips

I love reddit. 

It’s a contradictory hivemind comprising students, judges, athletes, tradesmen, artists, CEOs, professors and interns. It feels like every possible group is represented and any idea can be challenged. 

I’m particularly taken by r/Marketing, which brings together fresh-faced students, CEOs and everyone in between. It’s special to see so many people care about Marketing and I highly recommend you check it out. 

Here are just a few of the excellent posts from June: 

List of free marketing templates

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Google Sheets for Marketers: Dynamic GA Performance Reporting Dashboard

Clearly Reddit has a lot to offer. 

With this in mind I began striking up conversations with users who were active in the Marketing subreddit, aiming to exchange ideas and learn new tactics. I was amazed by how knowledgeable many of them were. 

Encouraged by the first conversations, I posted the following: 

“Hey guys im looking for online marketers to exchange ideas with. I want to learn effective acquisition strategies and am happy to pay for a conversation or written description. Both B2c and b2b are of interest. Dm if interested. Thanks.”

The idea was simple: Talk to experts about their preferred topic and learn as much as possible. 

Just a few days after I posted, a reddit user called Jeanpierre reached out to me and we began discussing Facebook advertising. The conversation was excellent and it turns out that he is an expert with a ton of wisdom. 

So much in fact that I want to share it with you here. Here is the full conversation:

Jeanpierre: Hey man I saw you were looking for digital marketers. I do facebook ads for clients so I might be able to answer some of your questions.

Chris: Hey thanks for getting in touch 🤩 I'd be curious to know what you think the biggest mistake people make when advertising on Facebook? What kind of lead magnets perform well and how do you create them? Thanks again for taking the time :)

J: I'd say the biggest mistake is putting too little or too much text on an ad without anything truly catching. Mostly everyone just puts what their product is and hope for the best and I'm sure sometimes it works, but very rarely. Apart from this would be people that just have no clue what they're doing and getting a client. 

You can create a lead form on Facebook or have the link redirect them to your website to out their information in. The best ones are short forms because the more boxes they have to fill out the less likely they'll fill them out. So, this does depend on what your product or service is of course.

It’s just about asking what do you really need from this person to get them as a client. Do you need their phone, email, address, gender, age, etc. Although facebook lead forms does autofill which makes it easier for potential customers. 

Hope I answered your questions let me know if you have any more.

C: Thanks Jeanpierre this is helpful :) Does Facebook work well/not well for particular industries in your opinion? Thanks again

J: I'd say with the way facebook ads work, almost every industry can succeed in doing so. Of course some industries do better than others, but as long as the ad and the audience is perfect for each other then you'll find success. 

There’s many ways to weed out the ads that don't work, but as long as you know the audience and use the right keywords/image you should be fine. 

I work mostly with high cost industries such as real estate and landscaping and facebook ads work like a charm.

C: Thanks so much. Do you have a blog or further resource you could recommend?

J: I don’t have a blog although that wouldnt be a bad idea... 

I only have one external resource from a buddy of mine who does facebook ads as well. It's meant for beginners who have no idea what they're doing. It's a $300 course on Ratz Pack Media. 

Other than that if you have any more questions FB ads I'd be happy to help.

C: Thanks Jeanpierre I really appreciate you taking the time :)  I've been doing Facebook ads for years but still feel like I have a lot to learn. I'm in the financial industry but ROIs on Facebook could definitely be better.  You mentioned that messaging is crucial. Could I ask you to elaborate on this. In the real estate industry for example, what kind of message would work well? Apologies for the barrage of questions. Please feel free to tell me to go away. Id completely understand :)

J: No worries, always glad to help

So I have a list of 10 emails I use for cold emailing potential clients. I then have a phone script that I use which with practice have made it bullet proof that answers the common questions and covers any bases that customer might be concerned with. 

For real estate agents, the value of the leads is a huge sell, since if they pay 100 for a lead and the lead turns out great they made their money back and much more. 

You could also try the message of "I worked with a real estate agent in your region, but they are moving, retiring, X" that can also peak interest since it shows that you've worked in the field before. Of course that might not always be the case and sometimes they will ask for a lead for free or references. 

Up to you at this point on what you wanna do, but I have a standard of what my clients should look like to avoid little annoyances like that since my clients know the importance of leads to begin with.

C: I really like your idea regarding calling and showing some prior research. I think that goes a long way.  I'm wondering if my expectations just aren't aligned well. I would expect CAC for Facebook to be in the region of $20-40 but it's more likely closer to $80-100. I’d like to try and build an email list in the financial industry using Facebook ads. Ideally I'd spend about $1 per email. Does this sound realistic? You're a star Jeanpierre. It’s much appreciated.

J: Finding emails in the financial industry on facebook is possible, but LinkedIn might offer more return since thats where some professionals reside.

In terms of cost I wouldn't know exactly how much it would take for a lead like that, but I'm sure if the ad is performing well with the right keywords and such a $1/email should be around that range or more. I could be wrong, but it's something you'd learn as you move forward for the most part.

C: Thanks. Apologies for the silly question by when you say "keyword" are you referring to a custom intent audience relevant for a given keyword?  Just want to make sure I'm following you :)

J: You're good no worries. Yes for the audience interests and for the ad. 

Honestly I'm an open book for any questions you have now or for future reference.

C: I really appreciate it. What are your preferred targeting options on Facebook? 

J: Haha thank you, fortunately for me I had a mentor to teach me everything I know. 

A main part of my targeting is typically done by geography. Since it's mostly for local businesses. I do ads for vendors at conventions which is strictly just geography targeting. For the high ticket clients the targeting is in the audience interests. 

So I'll ask what they're average customer is like and does as a start. I do research on what the audience would be like to expand or narrow. 

If I'm trying to get leads for a real estate agent in Arizona, there will be slight changes to what the leads would be like Ohio. 

It only gets easier the longer you're in business.

C: Thank you for the excellent conversation Jeanpierre, It was really excellent talking to you and I learnt a lot.. 

I appreciate you taking the time.

J: No problem, if you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them. 

C: Interested readers can get in touch with Jeanpierre via LinkedIn. Thanks for your time and see you soon.