Nacho Analytics Review - God Mode For The Internet?

I like brazenness.

The meek might inherit the earth, but they're not going to rule the web.

So when a platform claims to offer "God Mode For The Internet" I'm instantly curious.

Add a funny name to the mix and I'm 95% likely to take it for a test drive.

Over the last few months I have been inundated with marketing from Nacho Analytics. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Stories...everywhere I turn "God Mode" is waiting.  

The impression you get from the adverts is that you can literally access the Google Analytics account of any website you choose.

It sounds like a Marketers dream, but a little too good to be true. Nevertheless if it can fulfill even half of its promise it will already turn me into a...

What is Nacho Analytics?

This is the tag line: "See Anyone's Analytics Account. See their sales and how they get them, in real time."

This is a HUGE promise.

And to be honest, Nacho seems to fall at the first hurdle.

Matthew Barby has one of the best blogs in marketing and receives a significant amount of traffic (definitely check it out), but Nacho is having none of it.

In order to receive valuable insights, we're asked to add an even bigger website.

It's important to note that you can add "smaller" sites anyway, although it seems like only sites with 1 million hits or more per month generate valuable insights.

That still leaves a ton of websites to check out, but you'll likely not be able to deep dive into your direct competitors Google Analytics account. Kind of a bummer but we can rebuild.

Next up, Nacho Analytics really does try to recreate the chosen domain's Google Analytics account. They are not kidding around with this.

Nacho provides a dashboard, but really it just serves to link you to your new Google Analytics properties.

The property is just like the one you know from your own domain, showcasing a real-time view, Audience, Acquisition, the whole nine yards.

Crucially, Nacho does not capture mobile traffic or events in its report. This is kind of a big deal but not necessarily a deal-breaker.

What is really impressive however, is that you can set up goals and conversions as if you were working on your own Google Analytics property. This allows you to track valuable actions and compare them to your own. If you want to know Neil Patel's email sign up rate for example, then you can get an approximation using Nacho Analytics.

How does Nacho Analytics work?

The way I understand it, Nacho Analytics tracks an army of internet users and then extrapolates their data to produce broader trends in online behavior.

I got this from the "How it works" section but please let me know if I've got the wrong end of the stick here.

This approach would help explain why larger websites provide more insights. If, out of 100k monthly users, only 0.1% have opted in to Nacho's tracking that doesn't provide a large enough sample size to reliably extrapolate from.

Balloon that number up to 1 million however and you start getting some reliable data.

Getting started with Nacho Analytics

For full transparency I'd like to mention that I signed up to their free trial and have been using Nacho Analytics for 3-4 days at this point.

Don't think that I'm some sort of Nacho master. I'm not... although that does sounds tasty.

Once you've completed the sign up process, Nacho will ask you to enter a domain of your choice.

I think it makes sense to go for a prominent player in your vertical, so I'm going to go with Neil Patel.

Then you simply enter the email address associated with your Google Analytics account and hit submit.

If you navigate to your dashboard, you'll see the new domain and a link to the corresponding Google Analytics property.

This is what Neil Patel's domain looks like for me

I have to say, seeing Neil Patel's domain in my Google Analytics account is really cool.

Now we have to wait a few hours while Nacho collects data.

Once the report is ready, you'll see the domain marked accordingly in your Nacho account.

Then click on the "View in Google Analytics" button and...


Now this is AWESOME!

That video above shows a 2 minute screen recording of Neil Patel's analytics.

Is it 100% accurate? Nope.

Does it miss some key insights? Probably.

But is it a million times better than no insights at all? Abso - bloody - lutely.

Nacho Analytics displays traffic channels, referrals, landing pages the whole shebang.

What should you know about the data?

Ok so at this point I'm pretty pumped.

Getting to see this kind of information is a huge deal.

That being said, there are one or two things we need to know about the data.

Let's go into detail. Nacho Analytics

  • Does not track events
  • Does not get signals from third party integrations
  • Does not track mobile traffic
  • Does not provide historical data (data collection starts on the day you add the site to your dashboard)
  • Does not track goals by default although you can add your own which is awesome
  • Does not give you demographics and interest reports
  • Will compress the data for sites receiving more than 10 million hits per month. This is displayed in your Nacho Analytics dashboard

Apart from these caveats, Nacho Analytics seems to provide a fully fledged Google Analytics account for whichever domain you choose.

That's pretty special.

What can you do with the data from Nacho Analytics?

For me the experience went like this:

  1. See the data for in Google Analytics
  2. Click through my standard reports
  3. Sit back
  4. Feel lost

At first the data was overwhelming.

There is so much of it and there is so much to learn everywhere on the screen that it's almost too much.

I look at Google Analytics every day, but I typically know what I'm looking for.

In someone else's account it's weird. It feels like breaking and entering.

After a quick beer, I thought more clearly about the opportunity at my fingertips.

The aim, as I see it, should be to map my business goals onto my competitor's domain.

And I think the same would go for everyone.

With that in mind, here are a few questions you can answer with Nacho Analytics:

  • What is my competitor's conversion rate?
  • What is my competitor's abandonment rate?
  • How fast is my competitor building their list?
  • What are my competitor's best blog posts, products or tools?
  • What do my competitor's customers search for?
  • What channels does my competitor do well in?
  • What questions will I have a year from now?

Getting answers to these questions is a huge deal.

If you can identify just one new, valuable marketing channel and leverage it to drive traffic you've already scored a big W.

How much does Nacho Analytics cost?

Clearly Nacho Analytics is really powerful, but it comes at a price.

After the 7 day free trial, three pricing packages are available:

Importantly, this does not cover "Premium Websites" - which require an additional payment.

TBH this was kind of a bummer.

Nacho Analytics works best with big sites that get a huge amount of traffic, but you need to pay extra to add a top 5,000 site?

That seems a bit backward to me. It's like a charging extra for XL basketball jerseys...your penalizing your key demographic right?

Anyway, this small snafu aside the pricing is reasonable.

Starting at $49 a month, it's absolutely worth the money.

The key is to know exactly what you're looking for. Make the payment, add your competitor's website and start setting up relevant goals.

In 2-3 months you should have a treasure trove of competitor data that you can use to accelerate your own growth.

Worth every penny.

Conclusion - Nacho Analytics Review

The fact that I'm still enamored with Nacho Analytics despite some glaring flaws stands as a testament to the power of this tool.

It makes huge promises and delivers on them.

I highly recommend taking advantage of their 7 day free trial. Even if it's just to put on a white t-shirt, shave your head and pretend to be Neil for the day.

Thanks for reading.

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