My 30 Minute Marketing Challenge

The most valuable thing we have is time.

Unfortunately, most of us have nowhere near enough of it and certainly don't know how to manage it.

I launched this website in 2016. I've put a LOT of work into it but it's still very far from what I want it to be. Im not proud of most of the content on here.

The reason: I didn't manage my time correctly. My content was written in bursts on late Sunday nights, with no time to edit or review in the following days. This approach made me resentful. I was sacrificing significant amounts of time with my family to smash out content that really wasn't very good. This approach sucks.

The problem again, is a lack of time - or more accurately my time management.

That being said, I absolutely love marketing. It's a passion that began in 2012, while I was still at Uni, and I've been lucky enough to pursue it professionally since 2014. Since then my career has taken me into the fintech and blockchain space.

I'm the director of Marketing for SelfKey and KYC-Chain, while also co-founding Coinponent, working as a consultant, and writing for I've been married since 2016 and have a dog called Lenny. I'm incredibly fortunate - but Im also very low on time.

With all that being said, I really want this website to generate traffic and add value to people. I've lost count of the number of weekends I've dedicated to content creation and promotion, but still receives barely any traffic.

This hurts my ego and my professional pride. It has to change.

What's the 30 Minute Marketing Challenge?

We have the following situation: I don't have time and am managing the little I have poorly, but too much pride to let this website fail and die.

What do I want? More traffic for this website, better content for my visitors and more revenue coming through my Consulting business.

So what am I going to do about it? I'm going to change my approach.

In experiment:

Every day for the next 6 months I'm going to spend 30 minutes working on marketing this website. Instead of working in bursts, I'm going to work persistently and see how far I come.

By 30 minutes I mean absolutely no longer than 30 minutes in total. This is not a lot of time. The point is to be disciplined, to set boundaries and create enough social pressure to follow through on my commitment. Everyone has 30 minutes to spare each day. If this works, you can use the same approach to grow your business, consultancy, hobby project or side gig.

What am I going to be doing? Well there is not a lot that can be done in 30 minutes, so I will likely have to split tasks over multiple days in order to make meaningful progress. Here are the main things I will be doing:

  1. Content creation - text, video, audio (whatever I have time for)
  2. Content promotion - using reddit, quora, stack exchange, forums, social media to share my content and engage with people
  3. Email marketing - Reaching out to potential clients via email. This includes researching them, writing the email, replying...everything
  4. SEM - I have given myself a budget of €50 per month to spend on Adwords and Facebook. I will most likely not use this every month but I want to play around with some targeting options and test some different advertising creatives

Those are the main channels I will be using although others may be added later.

How do you keep me accountable? Once a week, I'll publish a review of the week and share my progress. Maybe there will be no progress. Maybe 30 minutes a day for 6 months is ridiculously low and there will be no appreciable benefits. On the other hand, maybe persistent, focused work is worth exponentially more than crazy long nights an infrequent intervals.

Whats my budget? The total monthly budget will be €50. I want to keep it as low as possible so everyone - no matter their financial situation - can follow along. I will also list the tools that I use, so you can follow along if you feel like it.

Why only 30 minutes? To be able to do it. Any longer is not realistic and I would quit before I even get started. 30 minutes is just enough time.

Limits are important. They force us to be creative and dispense with the illusion of perfection. What does it matter if the content isnt perfect?

At least I will be creating work and challenging myself.

What are the rules?

The rules are the following:

  1. I'm only allowed to work on anything related for 30 minutes per day.
  2. I'm allowed to prepare by taking notes, thinking about an action plan and logging into relevant services before the recording begins. This will prevent me inadvertently sharing client data or personal information.
  3. I provide a monthly performance summary so you can see if the experiment is working

How does the website perform now?

Ouch this hurts. Ah my pride...

As you can see the traffic is embarrassingly low. On the plus side, there's nowhere to go but up! Right?

What tools am I using?

  1. Loom to record
  2. Webflow for the website
  3. Alfahosting to host the website
  4. Dell XPS 13 laptop
  5. DELL monitor
  6. Logitech Keyboard
  7. CPI wireless mouse

Why should you care about this?

First of all it's an experiment that might help you grow your business.

Secondly, I'm not selling you anything. Don't expect a training course or webinar with a hard sell at the end.

Instead this is a journey to see if we can achieve meaningful growth in terms of traffic, content and revenue by working effectively for 30 minutes per day.

I'm trying to be as transparent as possible, recording everything and giving you as many tools as possible to replicate any success for your business or side gig. I'm the canary in the coal mine.

Feel free to get in touch via LinkedIn for questions.

// Update 29th of April 2019: Read the first Progress Report here.