Marketing Bites: 3 Link Building Techniques

[Marketing Bites is a new content series designed to provide brief insights into Marketing related topics. Often these will be taken from the Growth Marketing Telegram Group or notes from my phone]

Link building can be really tedious and time-intensive. I've tried a lot of different approaches, but most of them crushed my spirit.

That being said I currently use three link building strategies that are actually quite fun:

1. Expert roundoups

Pick a topic like "How to launch the perfect ICO" and reach out to relevant people asking if they want to participate. Ideally, the expert roundup would involve a relevant (seo friendly) topic, and about 5-8 questions.

The experts then answer the questions, allowing you to publish a long-form, highly valuable piece of content sharing their insights. Depending on how strong/reputable your domain is, you'll find that most people will happily answer a few questions to be featured in an expert roundup, especially if you include a short bio, foto and a backlink for each.

Once the roundup is published, send all participants an email linking to your social media post (tagging them as well). The vast majority of them will share it, leave a comment and do your promotion for you. If the experience has been enjoyable for them, I find that the vast majority will link to the roundup from their own domain, especially in their "about" and "press" pages.

If the content is good, you'll also have the added benefit of garnering backlinks from unaffiliated domains just because they want to share it with their audience.

This method is quite good fun, effective in building links quickly, plus you get to make connections in your chosen industry.

2. Create one landing page or blog dedicated explicitly to statistics

This technique is a bit more laborious but still works surprisingly well. To get started, think about 50-100 statistics about your industry and start collecting them in a blog post or landing page. Here is an example for the blockchain space

Once you've got a piece of content like that, it's a matter of cold emailing or messaging people on LinkedIn. To get the best open and response rates, I suggest using the most shocking statistic in the subject line. This will typically spark the recipients curiosity and increase your open rates.

News and industry sites will be more than happy to write content about the statistics you present and link back to your content. This approach works surprisingly well.

3. Reports and studies

This is by far the most time-intensive technique but can also be the most rewarding. Ideally you can use it in combination with technique number 2 outlined above.

If you find a statistic that will resonate with people. Something like: "every 2 seconds there is a new victim of identity theft" you can turn this into a 6-10 page study or report. Of course the standard needs to be high and you might want to consider getting a graphic designer involved to make it look nice.

Once you've got an official-looking study or report that captures people's imagination, start reaching out to publications with a simple pitch email. I find that news and industry websites love this kind of content because it suggests credibility to their audience.

The cool thing about this approach is that you can use your report as a lead magnet as well, so the benefits go far beyond SEO. With this in mind, it's worth creating a dedicated landing page promoting the report and running remarketing ads to your audience, especially if they've dropped off somewhere during the funnel.

There are quite a few more techniques but these are the ones I actually like doing.

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