Mailchimp Alternatives For Your Blockchain Business

You probably don't realise how staggeringly popular Mailchimp is so let me give you some numbers:

Mailchimp services 16 million users and has sent more than 246 billion emails. It's one of the top 400 websites in the WORLD and makes more than $400 million in revenue per year.


With these mightily impressive stats in mind, why would you be looking for Mailchimp alternatives?

Well, this is probably the main reason:

Mailchimp's pricing is horrendous.

Hmm...let me rephrase that...Mailchimp's pricing is far beyond what you should pay to send newsletters and transactional emails.

Indeed, Mailchimp actually provides a ton of features that make it more comparable to a CRM like Hubspot, which explains the very aggressive pricing.

For most blockchain businesses this kind of fixed monthly cost is impossible however, so I'm going to present three (much) cheaper Mailchimp alternatives.

Let's go.

Email Octopus - Amazon SES for marketers

I've been using Email Octopus to send newsletters as well as automated email flows for about a year and am highly impressed with it.

The dashboard is easy to navigate and sending email campaigns is child's-play. You wont find any of the bugs experienced in other providers and the customer support is excellent.

Most importantly, Email Octopus offers fantastic pricing and - bar sendy - is much cheaper than any other provider.

Email Octopus is refreshingly simple to use and keeps unnecessary jargon to a minimum. It promises to be sufficient and over-delivers which is always the best way to do business.

You will have to set up a Amazon AWS account but this is quickly done.

Getting started is as simple as uploading a list, picking a template, adding your content and hitting the send button. Unlike other providers, uploading a list is quickly done, allowing you to get on with your work.

Email Octopus is a lot like a sturdy work-horse that amazes you every day with how reliably it gets the job done, no matter the conditions.

Of course, the email service provides reports for every campaign you send out. Although these lack more sophisticated features like segmentation, the reports are more than adequate to identify trends and track performance.

Lastly, Email Octopus provides an email capture form which you can integrate on your website. Editing the appearance to fit your brand will require HTML and CSS knowledge however, as the visual editor is awful.

All this makes Email Octopus an excellent Mailchimp alternative.

Mailjet - A Sophisticated Email Provider

Mailjet is another excellent Mailchimp alternative, offering more features than Email Octopus but also being more expensive as a result.

That being said, Mailjet is still MUCH cheaper than Mailchimp.

Interestingly, Mailjet's pricing focuses on the number of emails you send, rather than your subscriber count. Be careful if you send a lot of automated emails however as these will bump up the cost quite a bit.

Depending on your plan, you get to use A/B testing, advanced segmentation, marketing automation, more sophisticated workflows and team collaboration. If you are leaving Mailchimp, Mailjet is the best like-for-like alternative with such a reasonable price-point.

On the downside, the biggest problem I've experienced with Mailjet involves the heavy-handed thresholds for key statistics. More specifically, the email service provider enforces tough limits on bounce rates, unsubscribes and spam complaints, often resulting in the imposition of a sending limit.

It's not beyond the realm of possibility that a perfectly fine newsletter exceeds the spam complaints level of 0.08%. Nevertheless you will find that your account is limited and you cannot send out subsequent email campaigns.

In such cases you're forced to open a support ticket and ask for the sending limit to be rescinded. Not ideal.

But it is a lot cheaper than Mailchimp.

With all that in mind, I want to focus on Mailjet's biggest advantage compared to Email Octopus: Advanced segmentation.

This really handy feature allows you to A/B test and personalize email campaigns with ease. Furthermore, it let's you manage all your contacts from one list, by simply segmenting each campaign by predefined properties (like location or funnel stage). Using Email Octopus, this is not possible as instead you need to manage multiple lists and segment them manually.

Sendinblue - Affordable Marketing Automation

Offering smart features and attractive pricing, Sendinblue has established itself as one of the most popular Mailchimp alternatives around.

It's product offering focuses on SMEs, yet prices are very reasonable.

Just like Mailjet, Sendinblue's pricing focuses on the number of emails rather than the number of contacts in your list.

In addition to sending slick newsletters, Sendinblue also offers a raft of other features not found in other Mailchimp alternatives.

One of my favourites is the "Send time optimization" feature which looks at your previous campaigns in order to determine what time of day produces the best open and click through rates. Small, incremental improvements in delivery and email engagement rates, can make a big difference and Sendinblue is worth checking out for this feature alone.

Neither Mailjet nor Email Octopus provide it.

Next, it's worth noting that Sendinblue offers sophisticated email automation, allowing you to send triggered communication flows. If your business has a lengthy registration process or requires the customer to make a purchase, these kind of automated flows will boost your end-to-end conversion rate.

Just like Mailjet and Email Octopus, Sendinblue provides embedable forms which you can use to capture email addresses. Although the visual editor isn't great, it's a step above the others on this list.

The final point I want to make regards the number of integrations available out of the box. Shopify, Zapier and Google Analytics are just a few of the partner platforms you can connect. This significantly improves your ability to track performance and optimize accordingly.

As you can tell, Sendinblue is an excellent Mailchimp alternative and well worth checking out.

Conclusion - The Best Mailchimp Alternatives

I'm happy to say that many excellent Mailchimp alternatives exist. Here is a quick tldr for those of you who are too lazy to read the article:

Email Octopus: Simple, cheap and reliable. Perfect for startups looking to send out newsletters and simple automated email flows.

Mailjet: Reasonably priced email service provider offering sophisticated features. Perfect for growing growing businesses that don't mind working around the occasional bug.

Sendinblue: Excellent choice for businesses with a marketing professional who can take full advantage of the suite of features.

Thanks for reading.