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Google Keyword Planner Review

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that allows you to research the monthly search volume of keywords and their historical data.

Keyword Planner's Primary Features

  1. Research monthly search volume
  2. Get cpc forecasts
  3. Segment by countries and languages
  4. Access historical data
  5. Understand competitiveness of keywords

What Google's Keyword Planner Does Well

  • Monthly search volume gives you an insight into the popularity of an interesting keyword
  • Historical data shows how interest in a topic is developing
  • The CPC forecasts allow you to understand the likely cost of bidding on a keyword
  • You can segment search volume by country and language
  • You receive a ton of new keyword ideas

What the Keyword Planner Doesn't Do Well

  • You need to run a campaign in order to get somewhat precise data
  • The tool is quite buggy
  • CPC forecasts are more like an educated guess than an actual forecast

How To Use The Keyword Planner

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