Google Analytics Alternatives For Your Blockchain Business

Since its launch in 2005 Google Analytics has established itself as the benchmark analytics solution for marketing professionals.

It's easy to see why, the tool offers invaluable insights into how users behave, and tracking conversions is a cake-walk. Google Analytics also delivers a treasure-trove of data in an easily digestible manner. Oh, and did I mention it's free?

In short, Google Analytics is awesome.

That being said it's also not perfect, and many new tools have emerged to take advantage of its most obvious weaknesses. In this blog post, I will outline three Google Analytics alternatives that you can start using for free today.

Let's go!

Yandex Metrica - Google Analytics + Hotjar

Yandex Metrica was launched in 2008 by the leading Russian search engine Yandex and is starting to make a name for itself in the Western hemisphere.

I've had the pleasure of using this potent Google Analytics alternative on multiple occasions by now and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

The standout feature is the unlimited user recordings, which allow you to literally watch how visitors behave on your website. This feature is not provided by Google Analytics and marketers would typically use Hotjar for these insights.

Crucially Yandex Metrica is completely free.

In addition to the awesome user recordings I also want to highlight the amazing click, scroll and heatmaps. These again give you a much better understanding of how your content is affecting your visitors.

Another advantage of using Yandex Metrica over Google Analytics is the much easier funnel set-up and user segmentation.

Of course, Yandex isn't perfect and it certainly does not have the breath-taking scope of Google Analytics. For one it is not possible to link your Google Ads account, meaning you lose the ability to evaluate your campaigns from one source.

Next, I have found that Yandex Metrica is less sophisticated when it comes to tracking UTM parameters, making it more difficult to track the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Nevertheless, Yandex is an awesome tool that is worth trying for the user recordings alone. You can check out a cool little demo account here.

Heap Analytics - The Funnel Expert

Heap is the perfect alternative to Google Analytics if you're looking for a leaner, more user friendly analytics solution. In fact, Heap excels at visualizing important data, making it much easier to draw meaningful conclusions.

The best example of this are the highly intuitive funnels which can be set up in a matter of seconds. With just a few clicks you can get a plethora of valuable information without all of the noise that Google Analytics tends to deliver as well.

Above you can see a funnel displaying the number of pageviews vs the number of clicks a page received. Using Heap, accessing this data took under 10 seconds. For a newcomer, it would take around 10 minutes to find this data in Google Analytics.

Importantly, Heap employs a rapidly ascending pricing structure, meaning that it starts off free but gets expensive quickly. Here is the current situation:

Depending on your website's traffic Heap may prove to be too expensive. For side-projects and growing startups however, Heap offers a fantastically intuitive approach to data visualization, making it much easier for your marketing team to access crucial data.

Matomo - The Open Source Alternative

The third and final Google Analytics alternative is called Matomo.

The basic version of Matomo is a free, open-source web analytics solution that allows marketers to effectively track the performance of their efforts and optimize accordingly.

Crucially, Matomo is hosted on your subdomain, meaning you retain 100% ownership over your data. Considering how privacy-conscious the blockchain space is, this feature is a real home-run.

As mentioned above, Matomo is free out-of-the-box, but you can purchase more sophisticated packages for a reasonable monthly fee.

In terms of data visualization, I would say that Matomo is the weakest performer in this list. Yes, the available user information is incredibly granular, but this actually makes it less effective from a marketing standpoint.

In an ideal world, an analytics solution would only deliver relevant data and visualize it so that it becomes easy to draw the right conclusions. From this perspective, Matomo takes some getting used to and just doesn't have the scope of the others on this list.

Although retaining ownership over your data is a great advantage, setting up Matomo correctly is not an easy task. Most likely you will need a few hours of your developers time. Nevertheless, if compliance and privacy are a priority for your platform you should absolutely check out Matomo.

Which Google Analytics Solution Is Right For You?

With all this in mind, I'm going to give you a quick tldr:

Yandex Metrica - Ideal for entrepreneurs and marketers looking for Google Analytics with cooler features.

Heap Analytics - Perfect for small business owners looking to cut out the noise and just get valuable insights.

Matomo - The best solution for privacy-conscious platforms that put compliance and data ownership over all else.

There you have it, I hope it helped. Thanks for reading and be sure to ask any questions in our Growth Marketing Telegram Group. Join by clicking the button below.