Email Octopus Review - Start Sending Newsletters & Automated Emails

Email Octopus Review

Email Octopus is currently my favourite email service provider.

It's cheap yet robust with enough features to get the job done.

Watch the video above or read my Mailchimp alternatives blog post to learn more.

Email Octopus's Primary Features

  1. Regular newsletter campaigns
  2. Email automation
  3. Sophisticated reporting
  4. 15+ templates for your email campaigns
  5. Excellent number of integrations

What Email Octopus Does Well

  • Sending a campaign is very easy 
  • Fairly priced
  • The email templates work well and look good across devices
  • Contacts are added via CSVs and can be easily unsubscribed and edited manually
  • Reporting and Analytics is excellent
  • Drag and drop to edit the email layout
  • Encountered no bugs or down-time

What Email Octopus Doesn't Do Well

  • Email automation is quite primitive
  • No segmentation out of the box
  • No A/B testing out of the box
  • Set-up requires an AWS account
  • Forms are hard to edit

How To Use Email Octopus

Watch the video for a more comprehensive review!

Thanks for reading.

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