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CliClap Review | Have you ever encountered a tool that made you sit back in your office chair and say: "I can't believe this is possible"? Do you know the feeling of finding a "hack" so cool, that you want to keep it private, hiding it from the eyes of fellow marketers? An Online marketing tool that is your little gem, your ace in the whole. No? Well, before last Wednesday I hadn't either. Then I discovered the Social Media Marketing tool called CliClap.

But first, let's discuss a hard truth:

Sarah Snow - Social Media Today: 60% of small businesses reported no return on investment for their social media marketing.

Wow. 60%!! That's a mind-blowing statistic.

Imagine what would happen if 60% of cars, or busses, or lawn mowers, or watches essentially didn't work. There would be riots! And Chaos. And Riot-chaos.

This is clearly a dismal state of affairs, which is, in my opinion, caused by two important factors:

  1. Social Media is divided into influencers and followers
  2. Most small businesses are not considered influencers

If you're not an influencer, you're just another follower.

As followers, most of us need to spend hours creating excellent content, design engaging images, and publish at exactly the right time just to get a few likes or shares across our Social Media channels.

Influencers do not have this problem. Through one way or another, they are in a position where people pay attention to, and share, everything they say. Even if it's completely inane.

I got rid of my phone so I can have air to create

β€” KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) September 14, 2016

Q: So how awesome would a tool be, that let's you and me harness the power of influencers, while still promoting our services?

A: The coolest thing I've ever seen in Social Media.

Cliclap review example

That image isn't photoshop-ed. It really is a linked call to action for my Q&A session on Neil Patel's article. With CliClap, you can add your personalised CTA to any piece of content you want, allowing you to harness the power of influencers to promote our own brand.

This is the point at which you should be punching the air.

Founded by Yonatan Snir and Arie Zaks, CliClap has only just launched (2016) and is yet to become a household name in the world of Online marketing. With only 6,400 estimated visits per month (SimilarWeb), this relatively unknown tool can be the secret weapon you use to kickstart your Social Media growth.

That's enough backstory, how does it work?

Full feature list - CliClap Review

CliClap is a free (wow) webapp and chrome extension which let's you:

  • Add your CTA to any URL you share (!!!!)
  • Manage your FB, Twitter and LinkedIn pages from one platform
  • Schedule your posts to be published across your Social Media channels
  • Re-target audience clicking on your posts (including clicks on 3rd party content)
  • Analyze which content and channels drive higher engagement

Here's the explainer video:

CliClap review - The bread and butter stuff

At first glance, CliClap might come across as just another bread and butter Social Media Marketing tool. Once you're signed in, you're able to seamlessly connect your Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus accounts.

The post scheduler works like a charm, and is as straight forward as possible. CliClap also offers live chat support, which is responsive to any questions you may have.

Finally, the ability to specify default UTM's is a handy way to easily track the traffic you generate through your posts.

On to the Filet Mignon

With that being said, CliClap's knockout feature is clearly the ability to add your CTA to any URL you want.

That is why this CliClap review will now walk you through how to set up your branded CTA, and start using the content of influencers in your customer acquisition funnel.

Step #1 - Create a post

First, start by navigating to your dashboard and click "Create Post".

Cliclap review - create a post

Step #2 - Enter the link you want your CTA to appear on

In the example shown below, I'm using an excellent article by Neil Patel called How to make Social Media Marketing work for your small business.

I use this article for two key reasons:

1 - Neil Patel is an influencer in my niche

As the founder of CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics, Neil Patel has been recognised by Barack Obama as a top 100 entrepreneur under 30. He has hundreds of thousands of followers and is seen as an authority on Online Marketing.

If you haven't checked him out yet, you really should. Anyway, I digress.

If you've been in business for a while, thinking of an influencer won't be hard. If you're new to your niche however, head over to BuzzSumo, click the influencer's tab, and enter a keyword.

You can see my result for Neil Patel here:

Neil Patel - influencer choice for my Cliclap post

2 - My CTA makes sense in the context of this article

We'll go into exactly how you create a clip (which is essentially your cta) in step #3, but it's important to briefly touch on it now.

The service or product you are offering has to fit into the context of your shared article. In the example provided below, you can see that I am sharing an article concerning Social Media Marketing.

Cliclap review - including URL

My CTA for this article will be a free Q&A session where I help solve common problems around Social Media Marketing.

You can see that I would be missing the mark somewhat by offering other less relevant services, like an SEO audit or Adwords advice. The same applies to you.

Step #3 - Creating a clip and nailing your message

Now that you've found the perfect post to share with your audience, it's time to look at your CTA and messaging.

On CliClap your CTA requires a "Clip". Click on "Create new clip" to get started.

Cliclap review - Creating a new clip

Once selected, you can choose between creating a clip with image + text, or just text.

I'm a big fan of plain text, feeling that it adds a simplicity to the clip and focuses the reader's attention on the CTA. So choose "Text clip" and submit πŸ˜Ž

Now comes the exciting part.

Give your Clip an easily identifiable name, and start crafting the perfect message to your ideal customer.

Cliclap review - nailing your messaging in your Clip

It's important to get this part right, and I recommend reading this Unbounce article on how to write the perfect ad.

Here, let me just say that we need to focus not on the service we provide, but rather on the end-goal of the user. 

In the example provided here, I am offering free advice on how to up your Social Media game. As a result, I focus on the free advice the reader gets, rather than the specific problems they may be facing, or the answers I can provide.

When you've nailed your messaging, you will be able to determine your branding. During this step you get to choose a nuanced colour scheme, to compliment your CTA and complete your clip.

Step #4 Connect your Social Media accounts and schedule your post

Now it's time to connect your Social Media accounts. At present CliClap only facilitates Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Personally, I would like to see Instagram added to the roster, but three is plenty for most small businesses.

CliClap Review 4th step

With your accounts connected, and your hashtag game on point, it's time to preview and then schedule your posts.

Voila - you're all set

And here is the finished product in my LinkedIn account.

CliClap share on Linkedin

And the article visitors land on. With my top of the funnel CTA ready to be clicked βœ…

Cliclap review example

CliClap review - Conclusion

As you've probably been able to tell, I absolutely love this tool. My new ability to harness the power of influencers, is probably the most exciting moment of my Social Media exploits. I'm especially excited to hop on the next viral trend, and use it for customer acquisition.

Imagine being able to use the Superbowl, or the US Presidential election in your customer acquisition strategy. Now, when topics are red-hot with crazy engagement rates, us small business owners can share viral content with our audience and include a nice-looking, customizable ad in the content.

Considering CliClap is free, you should be punching the air right now (again πŸ˜)

That being said, there are a few things I wan't to touch on before signing off.

Firstly, I think this Social Media strategy is now at it's most powerful. Once CliClap becomes a household name, I fear visitors will get used to the clip at the bottom of the page, and simply close it like any number of popups.

For now, Clips are still an unknown quantity among the vast majority of people, giving it additional strength. There is no cynicism or fatigue around it yet, which is why I suggest you get cracking right away.

This is especially true as visitors become more familiar with the unique CliClap URL in the search bar.

Secondly, you might find that some URL's don't work for you. In my experience, the vast majority do in fact work, but and for example, are not available for clips.

In terms of product development, I would love to see the inclusion of Instagram to the Social Media roster. I also believe that CliClap's ability to harness viral content is so powerful, that some sort of integration with Google trends would make a lot of sense.

Overall, I believe CliClap to be the most powerful free Social Media Marketing tool I've ever encountered, and am very excited to deploy it in many future campaigns.

Thanks for reading my CliClap review, and please leave any questions in the comments below.

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