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Perhaps unsurprisingly, my name is Chris Grundy and I am a Consultant dedicated to helping blockchain businesses grow through the power of Online Marketing. Before becoming a consultant I was the Director of Marketing for SelfKey and KYC-Chain. Prior to that I was the Head of Marketing and AML officer for a Berlin-based startup called Bitbond.

My LinkedIn profile is quite comprehensive, so check it out for more information about me and feel free to connect.

What is the aim of this website?

The founder & CEO of the world's biggest Hedge Fund, Ray Dalio, believes that the only way to substantially increase your income, over the long-term, is to increase your productivity. This website aims to deliver all essential Online Marketing information necessary to become more productive in your day-to-day Marketing activities.

With over 5 years experience helping blockchain-powered platforms grow across different verticals, I have made plenty of mistakes and am happy to share my experiences with you.

What do I get out of this blog?

The pleasure of writing content and adding value to the Online Marketing ecosystem. Additionally, helping CEOs and Online Marketing professionals overcome challenges.


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