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Lead Generation

Find, qualify and nurture high quality leads using proven online marketing strategies. Start building your sales pipeline today.


Marketing automation helps keep costs down, while delivering an excellent user experience and superior conversion rates.

ICO Strategy

ICOs and STOs have become incredibly cost and time-intensive. Make sure you nail your marketing strategy. Get in touch.


Effective paid campaigns can be the difference between the success and failure of your business. Set up great campaigns - now.

Social Media

Social Media has become an art form. Stop wasting your money with stale posts and start sharing what you really stand for.


Growing your traffic requires more than great content. Work with me to generate great results.

Client success is my #1 KPI

"It's a great pleasure working with Chris. His work has been excellent and he commands a deep understanding of the blockchain space."

Matthew Howells-Barby
Founder @
"Chris helped us achieve over 1,000% year on year growth. He has a fantastic grasp of customer acquisition strategies and is a great problem solver."

Radoslav Albrecht
Founder & CEO @
"Chris has made a real difference for our company by producing high quality content which contributes to driving traffic to our website as well as lead generation."

Cristiana Dutca
Managing Director @
"Chris helped us create a detailed online marketing plan to help grow our Podcast. He provided valuable insights and guidance on the best course of action going forward."

Mary Levov
Founder @ hashtaghealthpodcast
"Chris is an amazing online marketer. Beyond mastery of the tools and techniques, a sign of true mastery is the ability to explain things in a simple way to your peers and he does this very well. It’s obvious when speaking to him that he has been in the trenches and yet he remains humble and has a strong desire to branch out and continue to get better. I strongly recommend him."

Greg Freeman
Chief Technology Officer @

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